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Project: Our Care Hub App
Patient-Centric Care Coordination and Collaboration Tool

Thanks to our depth of experience developing more than 200 healthcare applications for patients and healthcare providers, our team was selected to develop the “killer app” of healthcare. Our CareHub is designed for use by healthcare teams, caregivers, patients, and family members to seamlessly foster better care coordination, communication, and patient monitoring.   All patient needs can be coordinated and managed from the app and it’s available on iOS, Android, and the Web. 

Our team developed Our CareHub with FHIR standards to facilitate data exchange with EHRs.  The Expanded Apps team designed and developed the complete CareHub platform, including the backend technology stack and the frontend user interface.

Our CareHub’s unique and elegant group approach to care coordination has attracted the attention of the U.S. Veteran’s Administration (VA). The VA is launching a six-month pilot with Our CareHub for brain polytrauma veteran patients and their families in early 2019.