U-Ventures Interactive Stories by Edward Packard

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  Begin here your fantastic adventures, adapted and imagined by EDWARD PACKARD from three of the best in the classic Choose Your Own Adventure series®* Take interactivity where no one guessed that it could go.

Return to the Cave of Time

Meet the Oracle of Time, and choose a time: Can you survive challenges early humans faced? Or the last ones?

Through the Black Hole

Can you reach not just another planet, not just another galaxy, but another universe where even the laws of physics aren’t like ours?

The Forbidden Castle

Travel through medieval Europe. It will be exciting, but who can you trust? Where will you go? Can you count on your magic crystal, or only your wits? And what will you discover, when, and if, you reach the place that isn’t what it is?

App Features

  • More story paths and endings than the printed book.
  • Reach an ending too soon or have a disaster? No problem. Go back and make other choices.
  • Have hours of fun and excitement exploring different story paths.
  • Stories include animation, sound effects, and secret clues for super special reading adventures.

This free application includes the introduction and the beginning story lines from the three titles listed below.  The complete U-Ventures® stories are available through in-app purchases of $3.99 each.

*Choose Your Own Adventure is now a registered trademark of Chooseco LLC, which is not associated in any manner with U-Ventures, Edward Packard, Simon & Schuster, Inc., or Expanded Apps, Inc.


 “An awesome experience that is a great tickler of the imagination. Thanks for updating the series with your new technology.”

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“A great reboot of a classic. A wonderful treat for the imagination refreshed with today’s technology. Pls release more.” 5 stars

User Review

 “Haven’t read these in 30 years. Still great and have introduced them to my nephew. Can’t wait for more titles!”

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