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Red Flag (noun): 1. A sign of danger. 2. The point in time when you notice something is a tad off with the guy (or gal) you’re dating, but decide to let it go because you really like the person, you’re tired of being single, you really really want to get laid, whatever. When things start going downhill, you look back on that seemingly insignificant moment you dismissed and think: That’s when I should have known. 

This is the official app for BigRedFlags.com—the place for all those relationship warning signs you totally spotted but chose to ignore—as well as for the dating guide The Little Black Book of Big Red Flags. Both the book and the website were created by Los Angeles-based writers Natasha Burton, Julie Fishman and Meagan McCrary, who have been featured as relationship experts in various media, including MSN.com, iVillage, Fox 5 San Diego, Good Morning Arizona, Good Morning Sacramento, Marie Claire, Essence, FHM.com and Yahoo! Shine.

App Features

With the free app, you can:

  • Read red flag stories from BigRedFlags.com
  • Submit your own tales of dating disaster
  • Get a weekly “Red Flag Rule” just in time for your big date

With the paid upgrade app, you can also:

  • Read expert advice
  • Get your dating and relationships questions answered
  • Take quizzes to see if you’re in a red-flag relationship
  • Create your own “Red Flag Checklist”

About the Authors

Natasha Burton is a serial monogamist who’s currently a Staff Writer for The Huffington Post. Meagan McCrary is an L.A.-based yoga teacher with an adventurous spirit for romance who has written for a variety of local lifestyle magazines.  Julie Fishman is a sports-playing-tomboy-turned-married-comedy-writer who teaches at a college in Hollywood and writes for screen, print, and web. The three met while getting their Master’s degrees in creative writing from USC and currently live in Los Angeles.


“”I absolutely adore this app.”

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“Good app—pretty on point and honest. I enjoy it!”

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“Loved the book; glad there’s an app finally!”

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