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Expanded Apps provides mobile application development services to government and commercial clients.  We specialize in creating beautifully designed, user-friendly, flawlessly programmed mobile apps for iOS, Android, HTML5, and Windows.  We are a woman-owned small business, headquartered in Los Angeles.

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Adopt a Mobile First Strategy with Expanded Apps

Mobile First Strategy

We help you adopt a mobile first strategy for your organization by expertly designing apps that fulfill the needs of your users with quick loading times and simple functionality.

Improve Efficiency and Workflow with Mobile Apps

Improve Efficiency & Workflow

We’re uniquely talented at developing mobile apps that will transform your processes by improving efficiency and communication within your organization and with the public.

Simplify complex information for mobile platforms

24/7 Access to Information

We’ll help you leverage technology and innovation to provide 24/7 access to data. We’re experts at adapting volumes of complex information, such as medical data and large databases, for easy use on mobile platforms.

Integrate Existing Databases

Integrate Existing Databases

Integrating mobile apps with existing databases requires experience and technical know how. We’ve done it many times and assure seamless integration between information on desktop and mobile devices. Streamline your business processes and workflow with mobile access to essential data whenever your staff or the public needs it.

E-Learning On the Go with Mobile Apps


With decades of experience in publishing, we can help you adapt professional training and educational materials for easy 24/7 access on mobile platforms, giving your staff powerful interactive learning and reference tools to use anywhere.

Cross Platform Solutions

Cross-Platform Mobile Access

Your organization’s information should be readily available to employees and the public no matter what platform they’re on. We’ll help you achieve this by developing apps for multiple platforms simultaneously for smooth transitions between the web and mobile devices.

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